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Creating Engaged Employees & Customers

Consultancy for FMCG


For Organisations looking at establishing / improving on Sales, Marketing & Distribution in the Indian Market, Pilgrim Walk is a practical partner. With our local hands on experience in Sales, Distribution & Marketing, and our deep knowledge in Retail & B2B formats could help companies that look for refreshing ways out.


Training & Development


Training & Development is all about showing possible options and helping the employees to make choices, as appropriate and as suitable for them. Training has to GEL well with the individual and so much more. The Trainers from Pilgrim Walk have learnt on the Road the essentials, in the market, in actual conversation.


Coaching & Mentoring


A Very important area, that really needs to be explained in person. People talk, yet they do not talk. They do not dwell and speak out fearlessly, honestly, frankly to the Company officials and certainly, needing to avoid issues, will not talk to HR. Yet, there are issues galore and HR would find it very useful to have a Professional Bridge for the communications.


Lets Walk Together


Pilgrim Walk recognises that there are ‘Three’ most important resources in any Organisation. The first is People, the second is People and lastly, and most importantly, it is People. We believe in ‘People’. There is always the need of equipment, technology, software, infrastructure and anything else- they are all subservient to People. And, People are malleable. They can be made to fit in. They can be made to adjust. They can make and create space. Then they breathe into the group they are part of. It is all about getting motivated towards excellence.



Talk to us….and we will walk, the ‘Pilgrim Walk’ together..

Coaching and Mentoring for Senior Students and Corporate employees , on Career guidance and issues to be faced

Our ability to tailor make Programs, as per specific needs of the Group/Organisation, is the hallmark of PW.


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Why Are We Different ?


We at Pilgrim Walk have learnt On The Road the Essentials, in the Market, in Actual Conversation……We are unlike to give the Theories and Concepts, which are coming down from many Years. The Market place and the Customer, most profiles have changed. We talk straight from our personal experiences of personally being in the field……We take a fresh perspective at your organizational needs and help to get the right Skill, Attitude & Behaviour into the system …… Our Deep understanding of local Geographies, Traditions & Cultures set us apart from others with hands on experience in Sales, Distribution & Marketing that presents a depth of knowledge in Retail and B2B formats





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