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Coaching & Mentoring

We would like to talk to you and explain our engagement, as we understand your requirements. We will greatly value an appointment to meet you and discuss the ‘TREASURE OF THE HUMAN ASSET’ and how we can turn this partnership into a very beneficial area of growth.


A Very important area, that really needs to be explained in person. People talk, yet they do not talk. They do not dwell and speak out fearlessly, honestly, frankly to the Company officials and certainly, needing to avoid issues, will not talk to HR. Yet, there are issues galore and HR would find it very useful to have a Professional Bridge for the communications. We are very useful on this and will be the HR family / Management family for the employees.



What stand out at the Pilgrim Walk are your issues, the challenges that your Managers face and new ideas to tackle old issues. A woman in the workforce, in Managing senior positions is also a wonderful positive challenge. It is a dynamic work force environment today and the Pilgrim Walk seeks to take up the mission of a ready and competitive workforce.


  • The Coach

    Our Coaching / Mentoring Walk is headed by Mr. Binu Varghese, CEO of Pilgrim Walk. Binu takes a keen interest in Individuals, who need to talk on their careers and skills, development choices and general life decisions. He has a sharp earthy reputation, on Coaching and Mentoring people and groups. Opportunities abound for Corporate Managements, Batches & Trainees on the cusp of development, Managers and Individuals. Read more about Mr.Binu

  • Come, Be a Pilgrim

    A Pilgrim goes out ‘seeking’ – learns, focuses, concentrates on his or her mission, is determined to reach the destination, the goal… has difficulties, sacrifices, gets away from the comfort zone…yet has immense satisfaction when the Goal is is transformation at its best.

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