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Business Consultancy for FMCG Companies

We have Deep understanding of local Geographies, Traditions & Cultures


Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) is the 4th largest sector in the Indian economy. The industry has exhibited a very high degree of innovation, improved SCM and quicker turnaround response to grow the market penetration and size. Well-established distribution networks, as well as intense competition between the organised and unorganised segments are the characteristics of this sector. FMCG in India has a strong and competitive MNC presence across the entire value chain.


Pilgrim Walk help Retail & B2B companies generate sustainable business models for Indian Markets by evolving / improving what they sell and how they sell it. Our Market Centric Approach will help companies build a profitable and scalable propositions that delight their customers. Our experienced Team of Consultants can deliver powerful insights and actionable recommendations on Sales, Distribution & Marketing strategies to ensure Market Dominance.




  • Our Expert Team

    Mr.Binu Varghese who personally leads the consultancy division has been on the Board of Directors of his concerns and his local hands-on-experience in Sales, Distribution & Marketing presents a depth of knowledge in Retail and B2B formats could help many Organisations, looking for refreshing ways out in Indian Markets.

  • Why Pilgrim Walk

    Consumerism in India is witnessing unprecedented growth driven by favorable demographics. With rapidly evolving consumer habits and expectations, companies are finding it difficult to adjust. Through value-driven strategies; Pilgrim Walk can help companies address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

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