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Training & Development

We believe in Thinking & Action Oriented people, rather than mere accumulated skills so that they can move forward in lives and not just in careers


Training & Development is all about showing possible options and helping the employees to make choices, as appropriate and as suitable for them. Training has to GEL well with the individual and so much more. The Trainers from Pilgrim Walk have learnt on the Road the essentials, in the market, in actual conversation.


There could be hundreds of topics for employees to interact on, yet, what will stand out for us to focus will be on what you want us to deal with in your esteemed Organization. Pilgrim Walk, enables its clients to concentrate on winning the Mind and Organisational game, by focusing on 5 key Individual areas, which are developed and exposed:


  • Persistence of an Individual on a task
  • Confidence of the person in varies situations
  • Action Oriented habits
  • Goals for the Individual, with the Team
  • Attitude of the person – the ‘everything’.


Personal experiences have shown, that these are what the Green Flag waivers are.

We always like to talk about the contribution of the people. Personal Excellence -People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. That is, when they subordinate their own interests for the bigger interests of the team.


In all these contexts, Pilgrim Walk helps individuals and groups to transform their intent through the shift of attention from taking to giving.



  • No More Theories & Concepts!

    We are unlike to give the Trainees Theories and Concepts, which are coming down from many Years. The Market place and the Customer, most profiles have changed. We talk straight from our personal experiences of personally being in the field.

  • Customised Programs

    Our ability to tailor make Programs, as per specific needs of the Group, is the hallmark of TPW. Specific needs and objectives will be catered to. Training Programmes need to be made interesting and involving, so that learning gets embedded.

  • Come, Be a Pilgrim

    The employee may be a CEO, a Senior Executive, A Management Trainee or aspiring talent- learning is continuous and cannot be theory. It has to be practical. It has to be a walk. To learn and get new experiences, each one has to become a Pilgrim – We all carry baggage. On the learning trip, all need to leave the ‘baggage’, behind, for that journey of change- AND Growth.

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