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An Invitation to walk ‘The Pilgrim Walk’

It all began with a dream to make a difference, to unleash human potential & to create engaged employees & customers


Pilgrim Walk (PW), is a journey that imparts Corporate and Institutional training for the varied and numerous requirements around the world in growing Organisations.The ‘Walk’ is led by Mr. Binu Varghese, who is based in Bangalore. He has a 25 Year old Corporate Career to back his personal involvement, across India and International markets. He has been part of organisations like Nestle India, Consulting Firm Hi Linq, Associated British Foods Plc (Managing Director, AB Mauri India) & various organisations.A competent and able team supports him, as he leads the ‘walk’.


Why the “PILGRIM WALK” Name

  • A pilgrimage is a serious devoted exercise. Training. Learning, being coached is the same.
  • You get out of your ‘Comfort Zone’ to go for a Pilgrimage. To get Coached, Trained, Mentored, is a similar journey. There is effort required.
  • The target of a Pilgrimage is one destination. The learning also has one destination – excellence
  • Pilgrimage is divine. Learning is divine. Both lead to a “Nirvana”
  • A Pilgrim has to walk… learning is also a Journey. You have various experiences alongside.



Who Leads the Walk at PW


Binu Varghese, CEO of Pilgrim Walk

The walk is headed by Mr. Binu Varghese, CEO of Pilgrim Walk. What backs Binu up, is more than 25 Years of Corporate Career, starting as a Junior Sales Officer in the field with Nestle and moving up as the Managing Director of AB Mauri, Associated British Foods. Having personally done all these basic learning tasks and successfully seen by Managements, as capable of moving into Senior Management, gives personal experience. Binu specialises in Public Speaking, with National level Debating Gold Medals to his credit. A Passion to teach and share, is backed up by educational qualifications from St.Aloysius in Jabalpur, Insead University in Paris, Tata Management Training Centre Pune, FMS Delhi, and courses from Wharton University, USA. He also has an Executive Life Coaching Specialisation from Symbiosis, USA. He is the Founder of The Pilgrim Walk Pvt Ltd.

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