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Why the ‘Pilgrim Walk’

A Pilgrim goes out ‘seeking’ – focuses, concentrates, learns on the mission, has a target destination and a goal… also faces difficulties, sacrifices and gets used to being away from the comfort zone. Yet, there is immense satisfaction, when the destination is reached.


We at Pilgrim Walk have learnt On The Road the Essentials, in the Market, in Actual Conversation……We are unlike to give the Theories and Concepts, which are coming down from many Years. The Market place and the Customer, most profiles have changed. We talk straight from our personal experiences of personally being in the field……We take a fresh perspective at your organizational needs and help to get the right Skill, Attitude & Behavior into the system …… Our Deep understanding of local Geographies, Traditions & Cultures set us apart from others with hands on experience in Sales, Distribution & Marketing that presents a depth of knowledge in Retail and B2B formats


We the Team in TPW invite your esteemed Organisation to walk the ‘Pilgrim Walk’ with us. Any company can have the best of Products, Systems, Equipment, Infrastructure, Software and anything else – yet, what will determine success, will be the ‘attitude’ of the employees.


The Pilgrim Walk can support you in furthering your People Agenda in the following ways:

  • Training & Development of Employees at a very intense level, customized for you.
  • Customized Recruitments for various positions, including senior profiles.
  • Coaching & mentoring of select groups of your employees and Individuals.
  • Business Consultancy in FMCG and B2B Businesses for Sales, Marketing & Distribution
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